Apartment houses in Kaufbeuren

Warmth and comfort with 44,104 m3 less gas

  • Buildings constructed in 1957
  • Location: Kaufbeuren
  • New heating system: solar thermal system and a series of gas boilers
  • Collector area: 39 m²
  • Came into operation: August 2008

Large heating bills have finally come to an end: at least, XL Solar has brought them to an end for these apartment houses in Kaufbeuren. 28 tenants currently live in the two apartment blocks in Obermayer Straße.

With a gross collector area of around 39 m², the new solar thermal system and a series of gas boilers provide hot water and support the central heating system. Around 44,104 cubic metres of gas have been saved since 2008. This corresponds to roughly 88 tonnes of CO2.

As this example proves, combining solar and gas energy pays off. The newly installed condensing boiler technology, with its higher efficiency, saves 20% more gas than the old boilers.