Intelligent planning for the future

  • Building constructed in 1976
  • Location: Fürstenwalde / Spree, Germany
  • Solar thermal system complementing existing gas heating system
  • Collector area: 196 m²
  • Came into operation: November 2009

When the building was renovated, the opportunity was taken to install the solar thermal system for the provision of hot water and to supplement the existing gas central heating system. 75 homes with an average overall count of 150 residents benefit from more than 110,000 kWh of saved energy every year.

The XL Solar Thermal System is essential to the plans of the housing association as they seek to ensure that their residences in the Ernst-Grube-Straße remain attractive to future tenants.

The contribution to environmental protection is also not to be sniffed at: composed of 40 modules with an individual area of 4.9 m², the solar thermal system saves over 20 tons of CO2 every year.