Home for the elderly in Bad Brückenau

A sound investment and a model of environmental awareness

  • Location: Bad Brückenau / Rhön
  • Solar thermal system to provide hot water
  • Collector area: 266 m²
  • Came into operation: Autumn 2010

The Kurstift in Bad Brückenau has been adapted to take full advantage of the sun: since 2000 photovoltaic panels on the south side of the building have supplied renewable electricity and in 2010 a large solar thermal system was installed on the sloping roof.

266 m² of evacuated tube collectors provide at least 120,000 kWh of energy for heating every year, ensuring that the daily needs of 15,000 litres of hot water for the residents and the kitchens can be met. Due to the solar thermal system the amount of gas used has decreased by nearly half. 

Every year at least 13,500 m³ of gas is saved, leading to considerably lower running costs for the home. This result could already be seen in the first year of operation, and in future the costs are set to fall further.