Apartment housing in Bad Bergzabern

A simple connection to the existing heating system

  • Building constructed in 1995
  • Location: Bad Bergzabern
  • New heating system: retrofitted solar heating system to provide hot water and support the heating system
  • Collector area: 45 m²
  • Came into operation: October 2008.

9 collector modules with a total gross collector area of 45 m², 2 buffer storage tanks (each of 1000 litres) and a 400-litre stratified storage tank – these are the visible results of the improvement work on the apartment housing complex Bellevue in Bad Bergzabern. The aim: using solar energy to heat drinking water and to support the central heating system.

XL Solar has succeeded in raising the standard of living. With minimum effort, the attractiveness of the housing to tenants has improved due to lower energy bills.

A particular feature of this project: the hot water supply was not turned off for a single day during Paradigma’s installation of the solar thermal system. Most of the 26 resident families didn’t notice a thing!