Local heating network in Hannoversch Münden

An innovative concept with outstanding results

  • Buildings constructed in 1930
  • Location: Hannoversch Münden
  • Solar thermal system in a new local heating network
  • Collector area: 105 m²
  • Came into operation: January 2010

Since a complete redesign of the energy set-up was undertaken, this group of 1920s and 1930s buildings on Wiershäuser Weg has been provided with a new local heating network. The XL Solar Thermal System effectively supplements the central heating, which comprises a pellet boiler for normal demand and a series of gas boilers for use in times of peak demand.

25 evacuated tube collectors contribute annually around 50,000 kWh of energy towards the heating of water for use by 55 homes in 4 buildings.

The highly innovative technical concept of this local heating network comes from the engineering firm InnovaTec, based in Friedland. The accompanying scientific assessment confirms that this is an outstanding utilization of solar power.