• Location: Schaufling, East Bavaria
  • Solar thermal system in a local heating network
  • Collector area: 266 m²
  • Came into operation: Autumn 2012

The „Green hospital programme“ of the Asklepios clinic group is an ambitious comprehensive programme for the development of a holistic plan for the hospital of the future. Energy efficiency and renewable energy are in it important stones.

The Asklepios clinic of Schaufling is a rehabilitation centre with 350 beds on the edge of the Bavarian Forest for patients with neuro-logical, orthopaedic, geriatric, cardiological and psychosomatic diseases as well as for accident casualties. Completely for the purposes of the „Green hospital programme“ a vacuum tube solar system with a surface of 275 m² was built here and put into operation in autumn 2012.

61 high-power collectors of Ritter XL Solar feed solar heat with a temperature of 70 °C into the district heating grid which supplies the buildings of the clinic. An average annual yield of the solar system of 118 MWh is expected.
Also thanks to public subsidies the investment will amortise in only a few years.