Pelham Train Yard, New York


  • Location: Bronx, New York City
  • Application: DHW and cleaning subway cars
  • Collector area: 660 ft² / 61 m²
  • Commissioning: April 2012

This project was the second solar thermal system commissioned by the NYC Metropolitan Transit Authority. The Pelham Train Yard application heats water that is used for employee showers and cleaning subway cars. This system uses the Ritter award winning “Aqua” technology, which uses water, not glycol, as the heat transfer fluid. Two years after the first system was commissioned there are now two “Aqua” solar heated train washing stations in New York City.

At the Pelham Yard, eighteen CPC 18 evacuated tube solar collectors (gross area of 660 square feet) are connected to an existing DHW storage tank. Originally the 1,200 gallon / 4,500 liter tank was heated with an electrical element. The New York Power Authority was the engineer and developer and together with Ritter XL Solar developed a design which replaced the electric water heating system with solar as the primary energy source and a gas condensing boiler as the backup heat source.

Combining highly efficient gas condensing boilers with the inexhaustible energy of the sun demonstrates that the Metropolitan Transit Authority is committed to renewable energy and conserving our natural resources.