Ten different saunas, eleven pools and baths, up to 200,000 visitors per year – everything’s a bit bigger in the Panoramasauna in Grafschaft. This includes the solar thermal system on the roof: XL Solar from Paradigma.

98m² of collector area does not demand a great deal of effort. In fact, quite the opposite. XL Solar makes many things easier and better. Our systems need far fewer components than conventional large-scale solar thermal systems. They need less maintenance. Their installation time is shorter. The solar yield is high even with a cloudy sky. In this case, the CO2 emissions have been reduced by up to 15 tonnes per year.

Panoramasauna Grafschaft

A direct connection without buffer storage tanks

  • Buildings constructed in 1975
  • Location: Grafschaft
  • New heating set-up: direct connection of the solar thermal system to the existing heating system
  • Collector area: 98m²
  • Came into operation: March 2008