XL Technology for a Green Big Apple

  • Location: New York Subway Maintenance Plant, Coney Island
  • Collector area: 164 m²
  • Came into operation: January 2010

America must become greener! This item is also on the agenda for the state transport providers of New York City (MTA). They have now taken the first step: every day the 48 evacuated tube collectors of the AquaSystem heat 7,500 litres of water for the subway washing plant.

This XL Solar Thermal System has a maximum continuous output of 85 kW with a yearly yield of 105,000 kWh. This means that 85 fewer tons of CO2 are emitted annually.

A particular challenge in the USA is to prove the suitability of Ritter Solar Collectors for hurricanes. The construction was strengthened in order to withstand the frequent high wind speeds.

A field report: link to report