Oldenburg Hairdressing Academy

Continuing use of the existing fittings

  • Building constructed in 2006
  • Location: Oldenburg
  • New heating system: retrofitted solar thermal system for hot water provision
  • Collector area: 44 m²
  • Came into operation: February 2009

Every day, up to 120 heads are carefully washed in the hairdressing academy in Oldenburg. The apprenticeship and higher education center of the academy is one of the largest and most highly regarded in the whole of Germany.

To cover the high volumes of hot water needed, the existing heating was upgraded with a large-scale solar thermal system. This installation, with a gross collector area of 44 m², now provides around 1,800 litres of hot water a day.

In the hairdressing academy everything is centered on beauty. Clearly, the solar thermal system also has to present a pleasant face to the world. The metal roof of the building is equipped with elevated mountings which show the solar thermal system to its best advantage.