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FESTO AG industrial buildings in Esslingen

Exceeding the guaranteed annual heat yield of 500 MWh

  • Location: Esslingen
  • New heating system supports the air-conditioning in the summer and the heating in the winter
  • Collector area: 1,330 m²
  • Came into operation: December 2007

A world-leading provider of pneumatic and electric automatic technology, Festo AG & Co. KG has committed itself to environmental protection. The evacuated tube collector system on the roof of the Festo factory in Esslingen testifies to this (at the time of installation, this system was the largest in the world).

With a gross collector area of 1,330 m², XL Solar from Paradigma provides the optimum room temperature: pleasantly cool in summer, comfortably warm in winter.

In combination with an adsorption refrigeration system the collectors save up to 55,000 m3 of gas every year. The guaranteed energy yield amounts to 500 MWh per year – this means 500 MWh less energy comes from fossil fuels.