In 2004, the Ritter Group introduced the AquaSystem that uses only water as a heat transfer fluid and protects the collectors from freezing by using low temperature heat from the system. A small amount of energy, 2 to 4%, of the annual solar energy yield is necessary and this amount will be compensated for multiple times by the advantages of water, high operating temperatures and low heat loss of CPC evacuated tube collectors. This concept proved its efficiency more than 60,000 times.


Compared to conventional solar systems, the AquaSystem has many advantages:

• Allows a simple and direct connection to the in-house heat system
• Eliminates the need for expensive components, such as heat exchanger, deaerators, valves, pumps as well as mixing technogy and control systems
• Is the precondition for the application of a yield-optimized and therefor smaller storage tank
• Saves high nonrecurring and current costs which arise with any frost protection
• Reduces cost and time of comissioning and repairs
• Secures a long durability at nearly constant performance
• Eliminates all risks that come with thermal stagnation
• Minimizes the running maintanance and consumption costs .

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