Field of Application

Solar heat on a large scale is ideal for multiple applications

It all started with water heating and heating support and the operation in residential and commercial buldings continues to be a large and attractive area of applications:

• Appartment Buildings
• Local Heating Systems
• Seniors‘ Residences
• Hospitals
• Barracks
• Beverage Industry (Brewing processes and bottle washing machines)
• Food Industry
• Chemical industry
• Galvanization Technology and many more .....

The high-performance technology of the CPC evacuated tube collector, in particular, now allows temperatures to rise up to 250 °F efficiently. The AquaSystem opens up a large area of applications in commercial and industrial process heating. Wherever there is a demand of high heat quantities our XL Solar Systems allow the use of sustainable energies.

The security of supply and reduced energy costs is only one aspect, although a very important one. “Green Footprint,“ “Carbon Footprint,“ and “Green products made from green production“ - these are the current megatrends that producers will have to follow today, and also in the future, to fulfil the integrated demands of their customers.