Unbeatable in sustainable efficiency

The unbeatable advantage of solar systems compared to any other way of heat generation is the delivery of primary energy from the sun, without a bill. From the time of commisioning the solar system, it provides almost free enery for decades. This especially applies to our Ritter XL Solar Systems. This is convincing, not only because of Ritter XL Solar Systems performance, but also the long life and the system works almost wear-free. For example, a cogeneration unit has reached the end of its useful life after about 15 years, and in that time it needed continuous and expensive maintenance. The XL-Solar System is still in the prime of life and will please its owner for a long time, especially when energy prices are likely to reach levels that we might not even imagine today.

But what about an economic bill? How long is the payback period?

There is no general answer to these questions, because it depends on several individual parameters. From one's type of financing, tax situation, location and application use, the form of energy which is substituted by solar heat, will most likely rise in the future. All these parameter have to be considered in every individual case. However, with commercial projects, it is always true that after the depreciation of materials there are many years of an almost free supply of energy. Comparing a solar thermal system to a hydroelectric power plant is one way to look at this.