XL Solar Systems

Heat on a high level

We are at the beginning of the era of widespread implementation of renewable energies with the direct usage of the inexhaustible power of the sun as the leading technology. Today, solar technologies cover a wide range of applications, from domestic hot water production in private households to the production of electricity in solar thermal or photovoltaic power plants. Now it’s time to open a new chapter in the field of solar thermal energy - supplying locally generated heat on a large scale.

Protection of our environment and natural resources is both our target and incentive to use solar thermal energy wherever heat is needed. No one should be satisfied with using solar thermal energy just in sunny regions, only in the summer or at low temperatures. The ambition of our research and development has been to overcome these limitations and we have succeeded with a lot of unique solutions. Large-Scale Solar Thermal Systems from Ritter XL Solar are capable of providing high temperature heat the whole year with guaranteed yields.

Ritter XL Solar offers more than high product quality but also complete services like qualified consulting, planning, engineering, project management, commissioning and monitoring. Ritter’s technology has been awarded several times. These prestigious awards from independent bodies are an acknowledgement of the innovative strength of our company. Ritter XL Solar, that’s a team of experienced, highly qualified and motivated engineers, technicians and physicists you can count on.


Fascinating technology

XL Collector Fields are modularly designed with evacuated tube collectors. The decisive component of these high-performance solar collectors is the double wall Dewar glass tube. Each tube functions like a thermos bottle – the heat is stored for longer periods. The inner tube is coated with a special absorber layer and when combined with our CPC reflector (“Compound Parabolic Concentrator”) both direct and diffuse light gets directed onto the absorber at an optimal angle. The Ritter Solar Collectors have the highest output ratings under the widest set of weather conditions. This is why Ritter XL Solar Thermal Systems are the preferred solution for space heating, solar cooling process heat and hygienic domestic hot water heating.

Water is the only heat transfer fluid used in Ritter XL Solar Thermal Systems. The heat transfer properties, chemical stability with high temperatures, environmental compatibility, handling and costs of water are all far superior to any alternative. Frost protection is reliably handled by the controller - proven tens of thousands of times. Using water as heat transfer fluid makes the integration of solar thermal systems into heat distribution systems astonishingly simple, while system efficiency greatly increases.

Installation and operating costs are major design considerations of the Ritter XL Engineering Team. The Ritter design minimizes the amount of piping and requires no valves or air eliminators within the solar field. Additionally, the collectors are delivered completely assembled. XL Collector Fields can be mounted on all types of roofs, also in high velocity wind zone areas.