• Evacuated tube collectors- with and without CPC-reflector

    Linuo Ritter International distributes mass-produced evacuated tube collectors with and without CPC-reflectors by our internationally well-known production facility Ritter Solar in Dettenhausen (Germany) and Jinan (China). The German Ritter Solar is one of the leading global manufacturers of highly efficient evacuated tube collectors with and without CPC-reflectors. Technical know-how, self-development and engineering, and self-production facilities are the foundations of international success as an OEM provider (Original Equipment Manufacturer) of solar collectors.

    Application: Residential, service and industrial sector and for public buildings


Production facilities in Germany and China

  • Our evacuated tube collectors are mass-produced products made by our internationally well-known manufacturing facilities Ritter Solar (Dettenhausen, Southern Germany) and Linuo Paradigma (Jinan, China‘s East coast). Fully automated production facilities with state-of-the-art machinery and a production area of around 60.000 m² provide us with a sufficient capacity to supply national and international OEM-customers, as well as all Paradigma subsidiaries with a production capacity of about 600 000 m²/year.

  • Evacuated tube collectors were developed especially for solar water heating and for solar backup heating with German quality standard. Our evacuated tube collectors are mass-produced products made by our internationally well-known manufacturing facilities Ritter Solar in Dettenhausen (Germany) and Linuo Paradigma in Jinan (China). Their outstanding design, professional processing, top quality, high energy yield, and their excellent price/performance ratio make them stand out.



  • High-quality, corrosion-resistant and tested materials ensure smooth operation over a long useful life. The well-known indestructibility of our tubes was confirmed by positive test results in the hailstone test according to DIN EN 12975-2 and the thermal shock test (ITW test report no. 02COL 282). The low pressure loss allows several modules to be connected in series. The aperture area measurements of 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 m² allow accurate adjustment to water and/or space heating requirements. We also pay careful attention to details which are important for mounting the system: the solar system is delivered with a tentered sun protection sheet to allow commissioning the system even during maximum solar irradiation. Hand straps ensure safe and easy transport and for quick crane mounting.


  • To increase the efficiency of evacuated tube collectors, a highly reflective, weather-proof CPC reflector (Compound Parabolic Concentrator) is fitted behind the evacuated tubes. The special, improved geometry of the reflector ensures that direct and diffuse sunlight falls onto the absorber even when the angle of incidence is not ideal. This considerably improves the energy yield.

  • Evacuated tubes with highest quality standard

    Linuo Ritter USA collectors all use highly efficient evacuated tubes. The evacuated tube is a product with improved geometry and performance and consists of two concentric glass tubes which are sealed in a semi-circular shape on one side and are joined to one another on the other side. The space between the tubes is evacuated and then hermetically sealed (evacuated insulation). To use solar energy, the internal glass tube is coated with an environmentally friendly, highly selective layer on the outside, thus turning it into an absorber. The coating is protected in the evacuated space. The aluminum nitride sputter coating used is characterized by an extremely low emission and a high absorption rate.